All our tools are tested in our mechanical presses under similar working conditions to those that they will be in the future during serial production.

Weak spots are identified and eliminated. That means the costumer receives the tool ready for series production and the period of adjustment at the costumer’s site is very short .

MOSSINI ( with 1600mm width automatic feeder)
Press Force 10.000 kN
Table Surface 4500 x 2200
Máx. Tool Height 1200

ERFURT ( with 1000mm width automatic feeder)
Press Force 8.000 kN
Table Surface 3200 x 1800
Máx. Tool Height 1200

Press Force 4.000 kN
Table Surface 3000 x 1600
Máx. Tool Height 1200


Try-Out capacity ( 1 shift ): 120h/week