2002 - Epalfer is started with 4 employees;

2004 - First new 3 axis machining center 1000 x 500;

2005 - First “Big progressive tool” with 2800 x 1000 x 600;

2009 - A “Schuler” Press of 400t for try-out with 2800 x 1600 is acquired;

2011 - Investment in a new Mitutoyo CMM for contact measuring 1600 x 900 x 700;

2013 - A “Erfurt” Press of 800t for try-out with 3200 x 1000 with feeder is acquired;

2016 - A new building of 3600 m² is started;

2017 - A new link-drive mechanical press 1000t for try-out with 4500 x 2200 and a 1600mm width feeder is acquired;


It is vital for us to implement a Quality Management System, in order to continued improvement in the internal organization and the quality of its products and services through the commitment of satisfaction of its suppliers, employees and customers.

The quality of EPALFER is thus assumed to be a state of mind from all team elements, and the involvement and collaboration for the same purposes is assimilated by all as essential to achieve the objectives proposed by management.

The Quality Management System implemented in the company, aims to:

-> Promote continuous improvement of the company's quality

-> Satisfaction of our customers

-> Continuous reduction of costs for non-quality

-> Satisfaction and motivation

-> Continuous innovation in manufacturing processes and product

-> Compliance with legal and statutory requirements applicable to our business

Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

ISO 9001

Our Certificate ISO 9001